This medium sized, slightly rectangular frame is perfectly suitable for people with a round face shape. These glasses, with its simple structure, fit both women and men equally. The Argo frame adds that final touch to your look.

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- Handpicked Acetate
- Ultra thin Nikon lenses
- Ultraviolet (UV) protection
- Anti-scratch & anti-glare
- Incl. case & microfiber cloth

High sphere or cylinder?
Even with higher prescriptions, you can still count on us. We provide lenses with sphere ranges between -8 and +8 and cylinder ranges stronger than -2.00, both for single as for multifocal lenses.

- Handpicked Acetate

Our exclusive edition of quality frames are designed and made in Italy from the finest selection of Italian cellulose acetate. This material because it is stable against sunlight, has a good resistance to water, low concentrations of acids, bases and inorganic salts. It is environmental-friendly since it is made from wood pulp, a renewable & natural resource. All frames are unique, since the acetate used has these deep hues, unique tones and marble inspired patterns and textures. The range of colors is endless.

- Nikon lenses

Nikon lenses incorporate Nikon’s unrivaled expertise in the optical system to create a lens that delivers unsurpassed visual performance.

- Offers the highest level of visual performance and aesthetic.
- Distortions on the periphery are reduced significantly.
- Equally sharp across the entire surface of the lens, until the very edges.
- Provides thinner and flatter lenses that won't bulge unattractively.
- Protection against Ultraviolet (UV) light.


Our premium lenses are always provided with an anti-scratch & anti-glare coating.

Spektar is our own proper brand of glasses.
We want to provide affordable glasses including prescription leses for everyone online.
We offer an exclusive, contemporary collection of frames, both optical glasses and sunglasses.
They are mainly frames made of cellulose acetate, a good, sturdy and durable material. In addition, Spektar also provides some frames made out of stainless steel.
For the lenses, we only work with top quality lenses. We have prescription glasses; single lenses and progressive lenses, non-prescription lenses, blue light filter lenses, discoloring lenses and sunglasses lenses.

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