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By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. When you send information via this website, you agree that this information is stored, used and forwarded in accordance with this privacy policy.

Information that you provide

At certain parts of this site you will be asked to provide personal data in order to use certain functions (such as the possibility to ask questions or to process orders) or to participate in a specific activity (such as a competition or other promotions). You will be informed which information is required and which information is optional.

Active collection of information

Like many websites, this site actively collects information from its visitors by asking specific questions as well as giving you the opportunity to communicate directly with us via e-mail or feedback forms. Some information you provide is personal data (such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.)

Passive collection of information

When you surf on the website, certain information can be passively collected (i.e., obtained without you actively providing this information) using various techniques and methods, including internet protocol addresses, cookies, Internet tags and collection of navigation data.

We use IP (Internet protocol) addresses for this website. An IP address is a number code that your ISP has given to the computer you use to allow you to access the Internet. In general this is information that can not be linked to a person, since an IP address is often dynamic (ie is changed each time a connection is sought with the internet) and therefore not static (permanently connected to a specific computer) . We use your IP address to diagnose problems with our server, to report on stored information, to determine which line of communication is fastest when your computer is connected to our website and to manage and improve the website.

'Internet tags' (also referred to as single-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs and 1-by-1 GIFs) are smaller than cookies and provide information to the website server regarding, for example, which IP address and browser the visitor used. This website uses Internet tags.

'Navigation data' ('history files', 'server logs', 'clickstream data') are used to manage the system, to improve the content of the website, to conduct market research and to provide information to visitors. This website uses navigation information.

The use and transmission of information

You can consult our Cookie Policy by clicking here.

Unless stated otherwise, we may use your information to improve the content of our site, to adapt the website to your preferences, to make you aware of information (if you have requested it), for marketing and research purposes and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

If you actively enter personal data on this website, we may combine such information with other actively collected information - unless we have stated otherwise about this at the point where this information is collected. We will, as far as reasonably possible, take measures to prevent personal data from being combined with passively collected information, unless you indicate otherwise.

We may pass on your personal data to other companies that agree to treat this information in accordance with our privacy policy. but exclusively

(i) to our cooperation partners (for example, companies that provide a service, provide technical support, are suppliers and also financial institutions). In such a situation, we require the parties involved to treat this information in accordance with our privacy policy.

(ii) with respect to the sale, transfer or other transfer of activities on this website, which affects the information. In such a situation, we require the buyers concerned to agree to the processing of the information in accordance with this privacy policy, or

(iii) if there is legislation, judicial order or government regulation.

We will also make full use of all information that we have received via this website and that can not be traced back to a specific person.

Access, correction and removal

Brillen Online Kopen fully complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 regarding the processing of personal data, amended by the law of 11 December 1998, which takes into account the European directive of 24 October 1995. This law stipulates that the person or company collecting data has the consent of the person whose personal data is involved, that the data must be relevant, correct and that they must be collected for specific, clear and legal purposes. The person whose personal data is involved must have access to it and the right to change the information that concerns him / her.

In order to ensure that the personal information you provide via this site is accurate, current and complete, please contact us at the address below. We will then take the steps to correct the information in our possession or remove it from our contact list.


We do everything that can reasonably be required of us to protect your personal data, which you send from our computer to our website, against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. Please note that we can not guarantee that information sent over the internet is always fully secure and without errors. This applies especially to e-mails sent to and from this website and you should therefore be aware of what type of information you send to us by e-mail. In addition, it is your responsibility to take precautionary measures when using passwords, ID numbers or other special access features on this site.

Links to other websites

This site may contain links or references to other websites. Be aware that we have no control over other websites and that our privacy policy does not apply to those websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of every website you visit.