New lenses in your own glasses

New lenses in your own glasses

High quality affordable lenses for your glasses.

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Glasses 98.-

prescription lenses included

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New prescription?
Damaged or scratched lenses?
Need new lenses but want to keep your current glasses?
No problem.

We can put new lenses in all brands and types of frames in all possible prescriptions.
Even lenses with cylinders, visible or invisible reading part, color-adaptive lenses & blue filter lenses. Attention: additional fees apply for ultra thin glasses with high prescriptions.
Contact us for more information!

Send us your last prescription which you received from your eye doctor together with your glasses (dont forget to note your name and address!).
Don't have your prescription anymore? We can find out based on your current glasses.

We always replace both lenses to avoid differences in color.
Please select your type of lenses in the menu.
(Attention: "Quantity: 1" means 1 frame, 2 lenses)

No surprises! Our prices include montage & shipping costs.  
- All our lenses have anti-glare & anti-scratch coatings
- Fixed and clear prices including montage
- Free shipment & safe tracking with Track & Trace code.

Ultra thin glasses with high prescriptions

For normal prescriptions (between -4.00 and +4.00) we automatically provide your glasses with the thinnest lenses. For higher prescriptions (between -4.00; -8.00 and +4.00; +8.00) we recommend to modify your lenses for them to be as thin as possible. For single as well as multifocal lenses this comes with an additional fee of €30 for two lenses. You can pay for this fee by bank transfer. For extra high prescriptions(stronger than -8.00 or +8.00 or with cylinders stronger than -2.00) we advise you contact us.

Price on demand.

Optional: Adaptive Brightness Lenses

These lenses automatically adapt color based on UV light. The lenses react to UV light and infrared light. The lenses adapt depending of the strength and brightness of the light. When exposed to bright sunlight they will turn darker and after turn back to normal. Also very suitable for people suffering from migraine. More information contact us!

Optional : Blue Filter Coating

Most screens expose our eyes to a high intensity of blue light. This blue light is to a certain extent present in natural daylight and helps us to stay awake. Too much blue light however can make our eyes feel sore and exhausted and can lead to insomnia. Blue filter is a special coating developed to filter blue light from digital screens and to neutralize it giving your eyes the opportunity to rest and recover. More information contact us!

* Price is for 1 frame, 2 lenses.

Spektar is our own proper brand of glasses.
We want to provide affordable glasses including prescription leses for everyone online.
We offer an exclusive, contemporary collection of frames, both optical glasses and sunglasses.
They are mainly frames made of cellulose acetate, a good, sturdy and durable material. In addition, Spektar also provides some frames made out of stainless steel.
For the lenses, we only work with top quality lenses. We have prescription glasses; single lenses and progressive lenses, non-prescription lenses, blue light filter lenses, discoloring lenses and sunglasses lenses.

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